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Flower Shops - Business Building Tips

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Flower Shops - Business Building Tips
23Jan 2013

Flower Shops - Business Building Tips

Having a flower shop can be a really profitable business, but only if you know how to run it properly. It’s a business like any other and it requires a business strategy, hard work and lots of patience and persistence. A flower shop needs to establish a good name locally and offer great service. Here are some general tips on how to run a flower shop successfully and build a name of yourself.

1. Get a toll-free phone number and print it on business cards and leaflets and put it on your website. Statistics show that those phones boost the clients’ response significantly.
2. If you really wish to succeed in the business you must offer impeccable customer service and try to give more than your clients expect you to. That small extra effort is what will make you stand out in the business and guarantee you positive word-of-mouth recommendation.
3. Write an informative article or a column for a local newspaper. It’s best to do it for free and provide some expertise on topics referring to flowers which interest most people. For instance, what flowers to pick for a date, birthday, anniversary and so on. This is a great way to get some free advertisement and to establish yourself as not only a florist, but also an expert on flowers.
4. Advertising is everything these days, so prepare a nice ad for the local newspaper and for the Internet too. The key to success is frequency, so as long as your ad keeps appearing on a regular basis, more people will remember your name.
5. Spend some time checking to see who you are competing with in the business and what they are offering. This should be done regularly so you are up to date with the standard and popular services in the business. You can even get inspired to add something new. Don’t try to copy though, or if you do – copy the general idea, but be creative in the details.
6. Try to communicate and bond with your customers. Try to get to know each of your customers, as this will help you meet their needs and also find out what you might be lacking in terms of service. You can create business bonds as well. Once you get clients to remember you and respect you, you will begin to make long-term relations with them.
7. When you are just a beginner in the business, it’s essential to play your marketing cards right. Offer a voucher code for a flower or a bouquet from your shop. You can also add a deal of the day. These small things will make you popular among a bigger public. Think well though – you wouldn’t want to offer a hundred vouchers if you’re going to be on a minus at the end.
image alt text: Smiling florist
8. Prepare the marketing plan and define a budget for the first year. Always have a clear idea of your budget year by year. This method will help you stay clear of any monetary emergencies. This way you can purchase the inventory for the shop easier.
9. Be aware of how you talk to clients and suppliers on the phone. Most of your business will be done over the telephone or through emails, so make sure you keep a positive and kind attitude at all cost. Your voice should be pleasant and polite.
10. Quality is extremely significant in the business of flowers. Your inventory must always be fresh. Make sure you do your best in order to offer the freshest flowers in town and this will secure you a long-term success and a great reputation.