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Flower Growing Business - FAQs

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Flower Growing Business - FAQs
07Oct 2013

Flower Growing Business - FAQs

If you are planning to embark on a flower growing business, you most probably have a million questions. If you really want to succeed in this business and make a good profit, you need to be well-informed of the basics and the stages of this endeavor. Here are the major FAQs and the answers you’ve been looking for.

1. What flowers should I grow?
Starting in this business should be with small steps – don’t jump into the deep by planting flowers that are hard to grow. A good advice is to listen to the local customers – what do people buy and can you supply that? If you manage to grow the flowers that are the most commercial and sought as cut flowers you will make a big profit. These include roses, tulips, gerberas, carnations and lilies.
2. Can I use fertilizers?
It is advisable to avoid using chemical fertilizers and to stick to organic ones. Same applies to all the materials you need for gardening – natural and organic materials will be much appreciated by your customers and your flowers will be healthier.
3. What perennials should I grow?
The recommended best perennials to grow in your garden include achillea, chrysanthemum, allium and lavandula.
4. Which are the best places for selling my flowers?
You can choose among several good places for selling fresh cut flowers. One of them is farmer markets, where you can always see large crowds gathering in search of good flowers to buy in bulks. The other option is a roadside stand or selling to restaurants, hotels, reception halls, churches and other such places.
5. Should I commit to this full-time?
You don’t need to be committed to this business full-time, which means that you can continue doing your usual day job and take care of the flowers in the evening, morning and at the weekend. However, it all depends on how big your goals are – if you want to expand the business and make a really good profit, you might have to spend more time making contacts and finding big clients.
6. Should I grow bulbs?
Yes, because it is quite easy and with the proper care they will multiply. This way you can force some flowers to grow outside of their typical season which leads to good profit. Such flowers include the daffodil and the tulip.
7. How do I make customers come back?
In order to be successful in the flower growing business you need more than great flowers. Above all, you need to communicate well and have immaculate customer service. This is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Try to keep in touch and seek feedback. Think of different promotions to do for your loyal clients or prepare a mailing list. Keep your clients informed on any news in your business. This is the way to be successful – by paying attention to your clients all the time.
After you start growing flowers for profit you will soon realize that this is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying businesses and it becomes much more than making money. You will learn a lot about flowers, their symbolism and meaning. You will see how easy it is to make somebody happy by selling them beautiful flowers for their loved ones. If you follow the easy suggestions mentioned above you will quickly fall in love with this business and you might just commit to it full-time.