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Flower Gift Baskets

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Flower Gift Baskets
11Sep 2013

Flower Gift Baskets

Everyone knows that giving a flower goes a long way and if you manage to choose the right bouquet, the effect will be even stronger. The right bouquet of flowers can lighten up the mood at any given moment. Moreover, flowers are used for all sorts of occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, weddings, graduations, etc. If you want to go that extra mile and do something extremely creative, why don’t you pick a gift basket instead of a bunch of flowers? Flower gift baskets are more expensive than the typical bouquet, but they are worth the investment and the effect is strong and memorable. If you have somebody really special you’d like to surprise, then a flower gift basket is not optional, it’s a must.

One of the great things about the flower business nowadays is the wide selection and the chance to shop for flowers online and send them straight to your loved ones. You can buy exotic, tropical and rare flowers anywhere in the world and ship them to your loved ones. No need to spend a long time at a florist’s – simply check an online floral shop and browse the various categories. Each category has a rich selection to choose from. Gift baskets are not only arrangements of flowers – they can be full of anything you imagine – petals, candies, chocolate, stuffed toys, fruit, etc. A flower gift basket is one of the prettiest and most special gifts you could send to somebody. Moreover, if you send the basket to their office, you will surely impress not only them, but their coworkers too.

A gift basket allows more creativity and a wider range of flowers to be used. Why don’t you order one customized by you? You could include your loved one’s favourite flowers in their favourite colours, add a stuffed animal of your choice and include a bottle of wine or chocolates. A gift basket can be sent to somebody who has a birthday too. You could add a handwritten card to the delivery – this will feel extra special. Another occasion when a flower gift basket is appropriate is when somebody close to you has just had a baby. Make sure that you choose a basket according to the gender of the baby. This will impress the new parents and they will feel like you are wishing them all the happiness in the world. Send flowers in a gift basket to the hospital, when you can’t go in person.

One of the most elegant flower arrangements is in a triangular shape with a tall center and a wide base. This arrangement is also great for weddings and graduations. Placed on a table it looks absolutely stunning. You could buy a small flower gift basket – it’s more appropriate for casual occasions when a big one could be slightly over the top.

Another creative and impressive option is in the shape of crescent or a whole ikebana. These asymmetrical shapes are used for gift giving and for display. An ikebana can be the perfect decoration for somebody’s home – a fine arrangement which is elegant, unique and draws attention. These arrangements are perfect for homes where the interior design is in a minimalist theme.

Remember that a flower gift basket is one of the most special flower gifts you can make – it’s beautiful, thoughtful and unique. Custom-made flower gift baskets are true pieces of art.