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Flower Care Tips

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Flower Care Tips
15Aug 2013

Flower Care Tips

Flowers are amazing gifts which you can send for literally any occasion. You can get a huge range of beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements online. Sending someone a bouquet is a great way to show that you cherish their friendship or love them, so sending fresh flowers is a must, especially if you wish for a longer vase life. However, if you are the one receiving a bouquet from somebody, it’s essential to know how to properly take care of the flowers, so they don’t wither and die soon after. The average vase life of freshly received flowers depends on their quality, type and how you take care of them and varies between 4 days and 2 weeks. Here are some useful suggestions for taking care of received flowers so they stay alive as long as possible.

1- As soon as you receive flowers, put them in a vase which is full of water and ideally flower food (you can buy it from any florist). Follow the instructions on mixing the two on the packet. This will ensure a longer life for the bouquet.
2- Don’t take the flowers out of the water, as the water on them will evaporate and they won’t absorb.
3- In order to reduce evaporation, remove the lower leaves of the flowers regularly.
4- Flowers love a fresh environment, so if you notice that the water and the solution are getting cloudy, replace the food entirely.
5- Falling leaves can cause a serious problem to the flowers’ freshness, so you you should regularly clean the water of any fallen leaves. If you leave them there, they might create bacteria which shorten vase life.
6- Try to cut the stems of the flowers with a sharp knife every couple of days and avoid using scissors for that purpose. Cut the stems and then put the flowers straight back into the water.
7- Temperature is an important factor for taking good care of vase flowers. First, keep the flowers in the shade as sunlight will shorten their life and dehydrate them. Any vents (hot or cool) also ruin flowers’ life.

When you receive flowers by a courier or mail, you should apply the above-mentioned tips and you will enjoy fresh and beautiful flowers and their fragrance for much longer than usual. Many people prefer artificial flowers, but they are simply not the same. Preserving flowers fresh in a vase is not as hard as you may think.

Lots of people simply assume that receiving flowers is a nice gesture, but they will only enjoy them for a few days. In fact, if the flowers were sent to you fresh, they can easily last between a week and two weeks, if you do what’s necessary to preserve them. Proper care can even enables the flowers to blossom and look prettier than when you received them. Fresh flowers are often cut before they even reach full bloom, so they can easily peak in a vase. The first thing to know about blooming is that the flowers require energy in order to open. Placing them in plain water won’t do the trick; you have to put some flower food in the water. With its properties flower food will provide the necessary energy for the flowers to reach their blooming potential. When you first put the flowers in water, mix warm water and flower food. The warm water helps the flowers absorb faster, which will make them open. Make sure that you recut the stems, no matter how they look, as you don’t know how long the flowers have been traveling.