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Floriography - Meanings of Flowers

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Floriography - Meanings of Flowers
24Jul 2013

Floriography - Meanings of Flowers

Floriography deals with the meaning of flowers and their symbols. Floriography has become quite popular since the Victorian times. Some feelings which cannot be expressed through words can be expressed by giving a certain flower, which has its own language. Here is a list of the most popular flowers and the meaning behind them.

The flower was identified in 1753 by Baron Alstoemer. The flower’s blossom symbolizes the strong bond of friendship.

These famous flowers represent natural beauty and pride. These flowers should be given to beautiful women.

Also commonly known as windflower, its blooms represent anticipation and expectation. They are given when wishing good fortune to somebody.

This is an exotic flower which signifies hospitality and can be given to a kind and generous host.

This is one of the many flowers that signify affection. Asters’ blooms are daisy-like and can be given to somebody that you find enchanting.

Bird of Paradise
These flowers symbolize joy and feeling content. Purchase them when you have a nice event to celebrate.

Originally from Central America these flowers stand for eagerness.

Carnations are some of the oldest man-grown flowers. They come in a variety of colours, each representing a different message: pink blooms promise that you will always remember the person you give them to; purple blooms signify whimsical nature; white carnations symbolize sweet nature, real love, luck and chasteness; red carnations say that your hearts aches for someone, while yellow ones represent disappointment.

This is another old bloom with various colors: white stands for truth, red stands for mutual adoration, yellow represents unrequited love, but in general you can give them in various other colours to someone you consider a true friend.

The daffodil has many meanings: regard, admiration, unrequited love and so on. These are great flowers to give to a man you love.

These flowers stand for trust and purity and are a great choice for new parents.

Originating from the Latin word for blade, it signifies the strength of character, sincerity and generosity. Give these flowers to people you believe possess these qualities.

The white flower symbolizes safety and security, while the lavender one stands for isolations and respect.

Hydrangeas are perfect when you wish to thank someone and say sorry at the same time.

The Iris has various menings: knowledge, hope, belief, but nowadays their universal meaning is: my compliments.

Its meanings depends on the colour: blue symbolizes haughtiness and pink stands for fickleness.

The blue lilac symbolizes the innocence of the youth; purple lily stands for the first feel of love and white lilac combines innocence and humility.

It is a symbol of refined beauty and wholesomeness. White lily is for virginity, yellow is for joyfulness. Lily of the Valley represents sweetness and a pure heart.

This magnificently beautiful flower symbolizes exotic beauty, love and beauty.

Peony signifies a contented life and a happy marriage. These are the perfect flowers for wedding anniversaries.

Roses symbolize love in different forms, depending on the colour and the number of roses you are giving. Red roses say “I love you”; white symbolize endless love, purity and humility; orange roses stand for desire and passion; yellow represents friendship.12 roses are the biggest declaration of one’s love, 50 roses stand for unconditional love.

Stock flowers represent enduring beauty and a happy life. They also say that somebody will always look beautiful in your eyes.

These flowers represent affection, pure feeling and pride. You can give them to someone you love.

Originally from Persia, the red-colored ones affirm one’s love, while the yellow ones stand for hopeless love.