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Festivities and Flowers: What to Look for at Christmas

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Festivities and Flowers: What to Look for at Christmas
05Jun 2013

Festivities and Flowers: What to Look for at Christmas

Christmas is closely linked with dark nights, frosty mornings and getting cosy by the fire, it is not often seen as a time for blossoming flowers. But, there are a few flowers which also love the festive season, are perfectly placed next to some mulled wine and a mince pie and which also make a beautiful gift.

Not only do these flowers make wonderful gifts or decoration for your home and garden, they can be wonderful additions to gifts and ornaments if you feel like getting crafty. Our top tips for these popular Christmas flowers will have you bursting with festive cheer and Christmas craft ideas.


The most popular Christmas flower, this vibrant and luscious red plant is a striking contrast, perfectly coloured to compliment the green Christmas tree and tinsel decorating your home. It is famed as the Christmas Star, with its festive colours and bold, pointed leaves. Joel Roberts Poinsett introduced the plant to the United States from its indigenous home of Mexico, and the plant was named after its founder. Its Christmas connotations are coined from Mexican legend and folktale and have since been renowned as a December plant, making it the ideal gift or plant to brighten up your festive displays.

Poinsettias are the perfect house flower, requiring little to no daylight and watering twice a week, they can be prolonged with a little plant feed every 3-4 weeks. They are readily available across supermarkets and local stores, whereas beautiful floral displays can be found in florists. They can even be found blossoming in pound shops and bargain stores, for the perfectly priced poinsettia.

Christmas Rose

Despite its name, this flower looks nothing like a rose, but its tendency to blossom from December to February is what gives it its festive name. It has large, white and round petals, making it a refreshing and crisp, snow-like backdrop to any Christmas scene. A Christmas Rose is more suited to the outdoors, but blossoms best in shade, and is advised as a plant for those with experience in growing flowers. However, they are available from garden stores as flowers, so can easily be transferred to a pot to give your garden the perfect Christmas feel.

These plants can grow quite long stems, creating a beautiful outdoor display and are famed as having petals tinged with pinks as they age, which is a pleasant touch as they continue to flower into the warmer months.


A popular Christmas song and flower, Holly is a beautiful addition to the festive season. Its spiky, rich green leaves and luscious red berries are a firm Christmas tradition. This evergreen plant can also, for the gardening-savvy, be grown in your own garden. It is necessary to buy a young plant from a reputable garden centre, and it requires plenty of attention to soil and pruning, but in return, Holly will repay you with a year in year out, annual display.

Not only will a Holly plant transform your garden into a winter wonderland, it is also perfect for indoor decoration. Why not place Holly across the mantelpiece and decorate with your favourite festive ornament? Create a wonderfully nostalgic reef for the front door or hang stems of Holly around or along the bannister of the staircase, the perfect way to bring the crisp freshness of Christmas into the home. Small sprigs of Holly can also be used to decorate the table at a sumptuous Christmas dinner, or small cuttings can be used as fancy decoration for presents, tied round a gift tag, to spread some of that Christmas cheer.