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Expressing Your Love With Flowers On Valentine’s Day

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Expressing Your Love With Flowers On Valentine’s Day
07May 2013

Expressing Your Love With Flowers On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for most people – both couples and singles. Everyone dreams of receiving something on the day that celebrates love and to be surprised. There isn’t a woman that won’t be happy to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers. The gesture will be strongly appreciated as this is the ultimate sign of attention and care. What’s great about this occasion is that there’s no need to give an expensive present.

A bunch of flowers can speak volumes and express your feelings much stronger than any gift. On the other hand, if you do choose to give a woman a gift, but you don’t buy her flowers, it could seem a little off-putting. There is a special connection between women and flowers and this connection is part of century-long traditions. Valentine’s Day is fully and properly celebrated when a woman is given a bouquet of flowers or at least a single fresh cut. Even if you can afford a big and expensive present, don’t ignore the flower giving tradition – it may seem slightly outdated to you, but it’ll make a lasting impression on the woman you give the flowers to.
No wonder why the most popular and top bought flower in the world is also considered the number one romantic flower – the red rose is still a strong symbol of passion, affection and romance, and it can’t disappoint its receiver.

However, Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity to show that you know the woman you are giving flowers to. If you know for sure that she doesn’t like roses in particular, don’t get her roses. Be innovative and ask her girlfriends if necessary – finding out what her favourite flower is will surely make a great impression on her. And if you want to surprise her with your own choice of flower, there are multiple choices to consider – tulips, orchids, carnations, daisies, lilies, etc. You could even buy her a potted plant if she likes taking care of plants. A beautiful orchid in a pot can impress some women more than a bouquet which will eventually wither.

Consider the meaning of the flower you are giving – there is strong symbolism surrounding each type of flower. Tulips, for example, traditionally signify love and they can be given instead of roses. Tulips are not only vibrant and colourful, but they are also fragrant, thus making beautiful bouquets.

Another popular flower is the carnation, which represents fascination and wonder. The red carnation is a symbol of admiration and deep, true love. If it doesn’t look fancy enough for a whole bouquet, ask the florist to mix it up with some other fresh blooms. The result will be stunning and eye-grabbing.

There is a wide variety of lilies, which are extremely beautiful and romantic flowers – perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Pick a tiger lily or an oriental lily in orange, to express your passion for the receiver.

For a more innocent and delicate bouquet, add some daisies – this is a simple, yet pretty flower and everyone knows the tradition of “loves me, loves me not”.
Other popular gifts for Valentine’s Day are those that look like flowers – bouquets of chocolate strawberries or other creative mixtures. Make sure you buy fresh flowers and check their fragrance before getting them.