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Express Your Sympathy with Flowers
17Dec 2017

Express Your Sympathy with Flowers

Flowers are not only beautiful decorations, but they have meanings and can convey your feelings in the best possible way. This is why, for years men have been giving flowers to their beloved ladies as a sign of love and devotion. It has become a tradition for children to give flowers on Mother’s day, as a sign of appreciation and thankfulness of the mothers’ care. Although, generally they invoke joyful and happy feelings, flowers can also convey feelings of regret and express your sympathy. For example, at funerals the most appropriate way to express your sorrow is by giving flowers.

Here is a list of flowers, which are most appropriate for sad occasions like a funeral.

White Lilies

When words are not enough to convey your sorrow, the best way to do that is with a bouquet of purely white lilies. The color white has always been a symbol of purity and lilies symbolizes the hope and the pure love. Give a new hope in the brightness of the new day to the mourning family , who have lost a loved one. White lilies are extremely beautiful and elegant flowers , which make them perfect even for the saddest occasions like a funeral.

Give Peace

When losing someone you lose your hope and serenity. This is why, what people most need in such hard time is some peace. Show your thoughtfulness and give your friends some peace with a bouquet of Spathiphyllum flowers , also known as the serene flowers. With their perfect shape and pure white color, these flowers can create a very tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for your friends.

White orchids

White orchids are beautiful and elegant flowers, which convey your condolences for their loss. Their stylish shape and the purely white color , represent the peace in the most elegant way. For many people white orchids are the most gorgeous flowers, which create such a peaceful feeling. One orchid will be enough to show your sympathy to the family, who have just lost a dear one.

White Lilies

Just like the orchids, lilies are beautiful and graceful flowers , which offer sweet serenity and peace. Purely white oriental lilies create the most magnificent bouquet , which conveys your sorrow and expresses your sympathy in the most elegant way. When losing someone , what people need more than anything else is some peace and hope. Give your friends a little hope in the brightness of the new day and remind them that their true love will never die.

The color white

The color white has always represented purity and elegance. For occasions like funerals, this color is most appropriate since it does not convey a happy feeling, but rather create a peaceful atmosphere. This is what the family , who had lost a loved one need more than anything. Additionally, this color is extremely elegant and shows your thoughtfulness. If you want to give any other flower, which is not included in the list, it is a good idea to be in white.

Because of their numerous meanings, flowers are appropriate gifts for any occasions. They can symbolize both love and friendship, happiness and sorrow, depending on their colors. For example , a red rose is a symbol of the true passionate rose, while the white rose conveys feelings of true friendship. White orchids can be used for happy occasions like weddings, and they can also convey endless love when given as a present to a beloved one. This makes flowers appropriate even for sad occasions like funerals, when you want to express your sympathy and sorrow.