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Easter Flowers

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Easter Flowers
08Jun 2017

Easter Flowers

With Easter just around the corner, you are probably wondering what kind of flowers to give your loved ones and which flowers are traditional for this holiday. Flowers of all colors and varieties are given worldwide at Easter to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ. There isn’t one particular type of flower that is given for this celebration but there are various springtime flowers that are traditionally given at Easter.

The primary traditional Easter flower is known to be the white lily. It is a well-known symbol of this festival and signifies love and hope and represents the purity of Easter. Normally, churches are decorated with lilies at Easter and that is because they believe it signifies the purity of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. To give loved ones white lilies at Easter indicates that you are happy you have that person in your life. They were originally grown in Japan until the Americans started growing them during the Second World War. Since then, they have become a popular flower.

Another trumpet shaped flower, the daffodil is also known to be a popular Easter flower that symbolizes eternal life and rebirth. Give a person you truly love daffodils because these represent never ending love. They also indicate to the person you give them to, that you respect that person and are happy that you have them in your life.
Tulips indicate passion and love. These are the flowers of love. Different tulips of different colors signify different meanings. They are supposed to represent the rebirth of spring and of ideal love.

Daisies are thought to have a connection with Easter. Like the lily, they are supposed to signify purity.

The stunning spring flower, Azalea is well known and favored for its delightful appearance. It is supposed to be a symbol of emotions like passion and control. By giving someone an Azalea for Easter you are indicating to the recipient that you want him or her to take great care of themselves.

The hyacinth is popular for its sweet-smelling fragrance. As there are a variety of different colors, each color stands for a different meaning. A white hyacinth signifies that you will pray for that person, purple symbolizes ‘Forgive me’; red stands for playfulness.

The chrysanthemum is another popular flower traditionally associated with Easter. All colors of this flower symbolize the same meaning of cheerfulness, except for the yellow variety. And white stands for truth. This denotes slighted love. By giving the chrysanthemum flower to a loved one, you are indicating that that person is important to you and you wish him or her the greatest luck for the future.

As mentioned above, there is no one particular flower to give at Easter. As you can see, there are a range of flowers to choose from, all with their different meanings. White lilies, of course, appear to be the most traditional flowers associated with Easter. The white is supposed to symbolize the purity of Jesus Christ and his mother, Mary. For this reason, they are used to decorate churches at Easter.

When it comes to buying flowers for a loved one at Easter, it is best that you have a fuller understanding of the symbolizations of flowers. You certainly want to ensure that you are giving the right flowers to the right person. Generally, most springtime flowers are associated with Easter. Roses are also given for Easter because they are given for most celebrations, but generally, they are not related to Easter in any way. With our useful advice, you will be able to give the person you love a special message through beautiful flowers.