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Decorating your Rooms with Flowers

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Decorating your Rooms with Flowers
06Sep 2017

Decorating your Rooms with Flowers

If you are looking for an instant makeover in one of your rooms, flowers can do just the job and it won’t cost you the earth. Flowers bring color and luxury to a room and they are so versatile because you can decorate with them in many ways. We can certainly all agree that flowers bring elegance to a room and also a fresh smelling aroma if they are freshly cut. Perhaps you have considered decorating with flowers, but you aren’t completely sure what you can do with them.
If this sounds like your situation, follow our easy guide on decorating with flowers.

Choosing flowers

Not everyone is looking for the same style in their home. Some are probably looking for contemporary styles, while others may be seeking a more homely, traditional style. When it comes to choosing flowers, you want them to match the theme of your house. And use interesting containers like metallic or colored vases.
If you are looking for a contemporary style, choose bright, colorful flowers and mix them together. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the limits. Just get creative and imaginative. There are no limits with contemporary styles so go wild!

For those seeking a more traditional look, it is recommended you use formally arranged flowers. Roses, carnations and lilies are all good choices when it comes to choosing flowers for your traditional looking home. Also consider adding exotic flowers in crystal or porcelain vases.

Or perhaps you have a country home and are looking for a nice and simple, country theme. Use interesting containers for your flowers that blend in with your country theme, like teapots, buckets, watering cans, or jars. When it comes to choosing the right flowers to match your intended style, consider flowers like sunflowers, daisies, heather, and tulips. Then you could surround them with greener plants like English ivy or cyclamen to give it that rustic appearance.

If your house is older and you’d like a more classic look, consider adding bouquets of roses, lavender and peonies in softer shades. To give it that classic look, place them in crystal or glass vases.

When it comes to the bathroom, you never know what sort of flowers look best. It is an uncommon place to put flowers but they can really add some luxury and fragrance to your bathroom. Beside your sink, add a fresh flower placed in a single vase. To conjure images of sensuality, let flower heads float in the bathtub.
You really have to think outside the box when it comes to decorating with flowers. It takes a lot of creativity and imagination to get the look you want. If you haven’t many good ideas of your own, look through home and garden magazines to see what they have come up with.

For extra decor, create a garland of flowers and place them on the windowsill. If you have tulips, turn their petals outwards to create an unusual but interesting look. Think about twisting your flowers around a branch or around a chandelier. To create a natural look, add seashells, twigs, ribbon and lace to your flower garland.

Not only will your flowers make your rooms look luxurious and radiant, the petals of your flowers will also add a natural fresh-smelling aroma to your rooms – that is, if they are freshly cut. It would also be worth making your rooms seasonal. So when certain flowers come in to season you can decorate your home with them, and then your home will match the season we are in. By choosing seasonal flowers, they will be fresh and new.