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Corporate Flowers
06Mar 2017

Corporate Flowers

Corporate flowers are those specific bouquets and flower arrangements that can be used in a business environment without seeming inappropriate or out of place. Corporate bouquets are used in meetings, seminars, corporate events, cocktail parties, lunches and other occasions. What is different about these flower arrangements is that they are usually quite expensive and exotic or made up of rare flowers. The idea is to make a strong statement and present the status of your company well.

So what exactly are those corporate flowers? They are used for decorating halls, offices, desks, waiting rooms, even toilets. They are put in to freshen up and brighten up the business area, to bring elegance and to look fancy. Corporate flowers are all about making an impression on others. They are supposed to be unique, big and expensive. However, they should also be smart and elegant with a slight conservative touch. That’s why corporate bouquets and arrangements are not that easy to choose and prepare, as they are a combination of many things. In order to express what you want with these flowers, here are some popular arrangement ideas with corporate flowers:

Firstly, you need to consider that these flowers can be placed in ordinary vases, glass vases, cylindrical ones, baskets or others. For a smart, neat and proper look, choose a cylindrical vase, either glass or metallic one. Depending on where the flowers will stand, choose the proper pot too.

• Put the following flowers in cylindrical vases: tropical crab claws, magnolia sticks, orchids, tiger lily or tropical foliages.
• At the reception desk is where the first impression is made. Choose one of the following flowers: kale, lilies, bamboo, vandas or anthuriums. Always put fresh flowers in rich colours.
• If you want the perfect corporate design for your office or meeting room, choose flowers in odd shapes (gum nuts, banksia, king proteas or lukes). These unique flowers can be mixed in one big bowl or a round vase.
• Corporate events are the perfect occasions to provide eye-catching flowers in beautiful glass vases. Such flowers include: orchids, calla lilies and magnolias. Along with some fresh greenery they can be beautifully arranged and put on the buffet.
• Place a cymbidium orchid in a cylinder vase, add a fresh tropical leaf and you get a marvelous corporate flower arrangement, which is perfect for the table.
• If you want to create a “Wow” effect, choose trendy colourful combinations. One such combination is mixing purplish orchids with orange dahlias. Another stunning combination is the Bird of Paradise flower with fresh greenery.
• Put green roses in small vases, add a few silky ribbons and some nice decorations and the result will be simply extraordinary.
• Mix a bright Mokara orchid with white Singapore orchids in a medium-sized round vase. Add a few tropical leaves and place the vase in the middle of the table in the waiting room.
• When it comes to colours, think unique combinations which grab the attention: orange and purple, blue and orange, white and red, purple and green. Orange is one of the perfect colours for corporate flowers. Yellow and pink combinations are also popular for offices and corners of the room. Of course the best choice of colour is the colour palette of the company itself.
• Keep in mind that you can always mix corporate flowers, especially tropical ones with fruit (melons, lemons or oranges will complement the arrangement).
Use corporate flowers for conferences, office parties, award ceremonies, or for the offices and the reception and you will surely make a strong statement to anyone who enters the premises of your company.