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Christmas Flowers

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Christmas Flowers
04Jul 2017

Christmas Flowers

Flowers have long played a role in the celebration of Christmas. They have, for a long time been associated with the day of the birth of Jesus.

Poinsettia is probably the most popular flower associated with Christmas. As most of them are red, they provide the appropriate color for the holiday season. To send your Christmas wishes to a friend or loved one, send a potted poinsettia. Native to Central America, it was Mexico that branded the poinsettia as their Christmas Eve flower. It is believed that a young, poor Mexican girl, called Pepita, couldn’t afford to give Jesus a present on Christmas Eve so she picked a handful of weeds from the side of the road and made a bouquet out of them. Though she felt awfully embarrassed by this minor gift, she was told that if the gift is given with love and care, it will be completely adequate in God’s opinion. This made her feel much better so she placed the small bouquet of weeds on the nativity scene and all of a sudden, the weeds of her bouquet transformed into beautiful green and red and flowers. It was a true miracle. Since that special day, these flowers have been known as the flowers of the holy night. Many people believe that the shape of the poinsettia leaves represents the Star of Bethlehem.

The Christmas rose is also heavily associated with Christmas. The reason is so highly linked with the birth of Jesus Christ is down to a shepherd maiden called Madelon. One night, whilst she was tending to her sheep, she saw the shepherds and the wise men walk by with their special gifts. It saddened Madelon that she had not anything to give Jesus Christ because she was terribly poor. Whilst she was crying, an angel passed by and brushed the snow off of Madelon’s feet to find a white flower with pink tips. It was the Christmas rose.

A Christmas cactus is mainly used for decorations – to hang on the door or the wall. It can also be a wonderful gift to give to your friends or family.

The most well-know flower of them all, Mistletoe which dates back to years before Jesus Christ was born is very much associated with the festive celebration. What makes this flower so incredible is that even during the very cold weather, it remains green. You may, of course, also be familiar with the well-known tradition of kissing under the mistletoe.

And finally, ivy is another flower connected to Christmas. It represents the birth of Jesus and an eternal life. It also stands for love and affection in marriage and friendship. There are three facts to ivy. It clings, as if clinging to a man for protection; it thrives in shady areas; and it is evergreen.
There are many other flowers associated with Christmas such as wreaths of fraser fire, Scotch pine, Balsam fir and so on, but none of them are as popular as the flowers mentioned above. Christmas is not just a celebration of religion. It also celebrates nature and the season of winter. The nature is celebrated and this reflects in the greenery that comes with Christmas, including flowers, leaves, and fruits.

If you are planning on exchanging flowers with a loved one on Christmas day, consider giving any of the flowers mentioned above or alternatively, create a bouquet with an arrangement of those flowers. Christmas gift baskets are also a popular present to give to friends and family. Fill a basket with flowers and fruits. Flowers don’t just have to be given as gifts, you can use them to decorate rooms for the festive season.