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Choose the Perfect Combination of Flowers
06Jan 2017

Choose the Perfect Combination of Flowers

A few years back the concept of sending flowers to someone who lives miles away from you wasn’t possible. Nowadays, you can send flowers to literally any part of the world, after just a few clicks on the Internet. Online flowers delivery services have become so popular that one can find even a bigger variety of flowers than in an actual flowers store. However, choosing the right bouquet requires some thought. Flowers send different messages so choose a blend of flowers that will signify your thoughts and feelings to the recipient. Here are some tips for choosing the right combination of flowers to send.

The most popular flowers chosen for bouquets currently are Orchids: they come in plenty of colours, some of them being pure white, lemon, cream, lilac, pale pink and green. These beautiful cut flowers are sought after for weddings and other big events, favored for their 7 days life. You can find plenty of unique and extravagant arrangements made with orchids. However, they are pricey flowers. If you water the Orchid in a vase lightly on a daily basis, their life can be prolonged to 14 days.
If you want to send a bouquet that represents your love for someone, the Rose is the universal messenger of love, passion and affection. Even though only few species of roses are scented, their beauty and elegance have made them everyone’s first choice for romantic purposes. You can find roses of different colours, including pink, yellow, green and orange. The passionate red rose is the classic choice when it comes to love though. When put in a vase, roses’ life is between 7 and 14 days. You need to re-cut the stems with a knife and change the water regularly. The rose is best put away from the direct light of the sun. Roses are usually given in bouquets of an uneven number. Check the meanings of those before you make your choice.

The Tulips are just as popular flowers as the Orchids, but their availability is seasonal so you might find it difficult to find them in flower stores. However, if you are ordering online, you will probably have the luck of finding them in beautiful bouquet selections. Tulips also offer a variety of colours: yellow, white, pink, lilac, red, etc. They are quite popular flowers for brides with a long history of being used as decorations at weddings. In a vase, Tulips can live between 5 and 10 days, but you have to re-cut their stems every couple of days and keep the water clean and fresh.
Amongst the most commercially popular cut flowers are Lilies originating from Asia. This Oriental Lily has white, crimson or pink blossoms and a sweet fragrance. They make fine large bouquets, bringing elegance and ambiance to every home interior.

Daisies are favored for their yellow center and white petals. This beautiful flower symbolizes innocence and purity and many people choose them when they want to confess their love for somebody. Daisies represent the pure feeling of love in one’s heart, mind and soul. These flowers are primarily used for filling bouquets, but if you really want to confess your eternal love for someone, give them a basket of daisies and you can be sure that the message will be more than clear. Other quite popular flowers used for bouquet arrangements are: Anemone, Carnation, Iris, Freesia, Chrysanthemum, Sunflower, Peony and Amaryllis.