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Cheap All Year Long Wedding Flowers
04Jan 2017

Cheap All Year Long Wedding Flowers

If you are one of those people who want to throw a wedding within a smaller budget, then you can definitely manage. One of the most necessary items at every wedding is the arrangement of flowers. They decorate the tables, the stage, the background and are literally everywhere. Flowers have plenty of uses at weddings and no bride would ever ignore the significance of flowers on her big day, no matter how cheap the wedding. A memorable event such as one’s wedding needs the proper arrangements of flowers. If you want to manage with a low budget, there are some tips you should follow. Try to arrange the wedding for spring, first and foremost. This is the time of year when you will be able to find plenty of flowers at lower rates. In addition to that, the variety is considerable: you can choose from colors, sorts and smells, which will secure you a beautiful event.

However, if you can’t arrange your wedding day for the spring, you should try using seasonal flowers. Thus, buying seasonal flowers will help you find plenty of them at low prices. Another option to save some is to purchase the flowers locally. Ordering flowers online is a good option, but you might have to cover considerable shipping costs, so it’s better to go to a wholesaler or just a local floral shop. Don’t forget that you will need additional materials and floral decorations, which can be pricey too. Remember the following list of flowers which are rather inexpensive during the whole year: stock, carnation, baby’s breath, Peruvian lilies and chrysanthemums. You can find these flowers throughout the year so don’t let anyone fool you into paying a fortune for them.
Carnation, for instance, blossoms in all seasons so you can arrange a fine bouquet of them or mix them with other flowers for the wedding. Carnation’s structure contains multiple layered petals, which come in various colors in all four seasons. Carnation comes in quite handy to florists, who can arrange different bouquets, using its colours, matching them with other flowers. For the wedding bouquet you could use bigger carnations, which will make it even more beautiful and noticeable. Choose shades which match the event.

A flower which can fill the wedding bouquet is Baby’s breath. It is extremely delicate and pretty. It is also used as decoration in the centre of the tables. Baby’s breath is available throughout the year too and is inexpensive. Chrysanthemums are another option, you can choose from plenty of colours and the layers of petals allow easy arranging in bouquets. A cheaper wedding doesn’t have to mean a wedding of bad taste and no class. Choose a colour scheme and discuss it with the florist you are getting the flowers from. You don’t have to buy a lot and spend a lot, to receive fresh, beautiful flowers. Another filler for a wedding bouquet is stock flower, which is very colourful and comes in a variety of colours (pink, yellow or white with a green or yellow on its stem). If you want a flower which reminds of a lily, pick Peruvian lilies. Typical lilies are quite expensive, but this one would do the trick and you can choose from plenty of bright colours: purple, orange, yellow, pink and blue. No matter the colour scheme of your wedding, the Peruvian lily, or the so called flower of the Incas, will match any of them.