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Blue Flowers - Meaning and Arrangements

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Blue Flowers - Meaning and Arrangements
07Dec 2016

Blue Flowers - Meaning and Arrangements

Blue flowers represent spirituality and intellect, as well as mystery. Light blue flowers are associated with the sky and the calm sea; the colour brings peace and serenity. Dark blue conveys confidence and importance, the same meaning it has in a corporate environment. Overall, blue has been considered the colour of tranquility, intellect and coolness for centuries. It is claimed that it also aids sleep. Blue is not that often found in nature, but one can find a good variety of blue flowers, one of the popular ones being the Forget-Me-Not. The colour blue is also associated with sadness, calm feelings and even depression. Therapeutically, blue is knows to reduce appetite, slow down one’s metabolism and bring calmness. Blue is also the ultimate male colour. In feng shui, the colour blue refers to the water element, it brings freshness and is the perfect colour for study rooms and bedrooms.

Meaning of Blue Flowers

They were a central symbol during the Romantic era. Blue flowers represent desire and love, as well as the struggle of the human being to conquer the absolute. Blue flowers also symbolize infinity. Light blue flowers convey softness, health and tranquility. Dark blue stands for power, knowledge and seriousness. In general, blue flowers represent trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and wisdom.

Arrangements with Blue Flowers

Most of the blue flowers in nature are wild flowers, which don’t have a long vase life. That’s why it can be hard to create a floral arrangement or a bouquet of beautiful blue flowers and make it last. Usually those arrangements are made of blue flowers that are artificially obtained or with dried ones. Some of the most popular and sought after flowers can’t be found in blue shades, but florists obtain them by tainting white ones or through hybridization. Such flowers are tulips, roses, calla lilies, carnations and others. Here are some basic rules for using blue flowers in arrangements.

• For a sophisticated and conservative arrangement mix flowers in royal or azure blue with flowers in navy blue. This is a good flower combination as a corporate gift or for Mother’s Day.
• One of the most dashing combinations is blue and yellow flowers, which complement each other beautifully. This combination will grab many eyes.
• For a more psychedelic combination, mix bright blue with bright orange. One of the best flowers for this purpose is the rose.
• For a typical spring bouquet, choose flowers in pastel blue and add some pale yellow and pink ones.
• For the colder seasons, use flowers in deep blue.
• A bright and vibrant combination is mixing dark blue flowers with bright red ones.
• For a delicate and romantic arrangement pick navy blue and pure white flowers. This bouquet will bring delicacy and tranquility to any home or office.
• A cool idea and a rather unusual one is to choose a bouquet of flowers in dark blue and add dried ones in metallic silver. A touch of tinted greenery will finish the elegant arrangement.

Blue is an unusual colour for flowers, which adds to its charm and appeal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with plenty of various flowers in light and dark blue, in navy and royal blue. Such arrangements are quite popular at weddings, as blue is considered a lucky colour for the big day. If you believe in good omens, add a touch of blue to the flower arrangements or go for blue as the primary theme of the wedding ceremony.