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Best Outdoor Wedding Flowers For Your Beach Wedding

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Best Outdoor Wedding Flowers For Your Beach Wedding
20Aug 2019

Best Outdoor Wedding Flowers For Your Beach Wedding

Wedding Flower BouquetDo you know that the natural beauty of the beach will give both the bride and the groom freedom to create an event that arguably reflects their personalities? In most cases, these weddings range from elegant to casual. Have you attended a beach wedding? They are not only romantic but also boast of beautiful setting that is complimented with admirable floral accents.

It will take more time and resources to have a successful outdoor wedding. At times errant wind storms will keep the bride awake at night. However, flowers have proved to be one of the most important aspects that should not be left. Good flower arrangements will allow brides to rest easy about this important wedding detail.

Calla Lilies

For the last couple of years, these flowers have emerged as the most beautiful flowers. They boast of a unique flower form. Usually, Calla lilies come in different colors. Whether you want purple or orange flowers, you will find them. They are not only excellent when it comes to beach weddings but also best for beds.

These flowers signify beauty and magnificence but at times they can have a wealth meaning. The trumpet-shaped bract is covered with extremely tiny flowers. Do you have kids and pets? You should have caution when handling Calla lilies. They have a poisonous substance namely oxalic acid. You should call a poison expert if this plant is ingested.

Oriental Lilies

They are well known as the last bloomers. It’s quite easy growing oriental lily plants. All that you need to have is plenty of sun and good drainage. In fact, some of the best flowers in the lily family are in this group of species. Over the years, Oriental lilies have been grown extensively outdoor in the United States. How can you identify Oriental lilies? They have a large solid basal plate. The base produces roots from its bottom.

Most lilies species produce a single unbranched stem while others have roots along the stem.


Do you know that large quantities of orchids for wedding arrangements are cost-prohibitive? You can have access to wholesale orchids if your wedding destination is in Hawaii. All that you need to do is ask your florist if using cymbidium orchids in your outdoor will make it colorful. Many people who have used them have attested that indeed they are the best simply because they have waxy petals. Waxy petals are resistant to drying out.

Bird of Paradise

They are known as crane flowers. Bird of paradise are called by their name because they resemble a bird’s beak. Being long and bright, these flowers make a great impact at your wedding. You can agree with me that joyfulness can be perfect for a wedding. In that case, the bird of paradise represents that. In an outdoor wedding, they will add a colorful touch to the wedding décor.

Pincushion flower
SinWedding Flower Collectionce it was introduced in England in 1591, this flower has been gaining a lot of popularity day by day. When this flower is closed, it resembles pincushions of pins. They get their name from their interesting flowers. They are a must for every garden because of the ability to bloom from spring. They work well more so in front of the border or when mixed with other common plants. Which are their most dramatic effects? Consider planting them and you will notice them dancing in the garden.

Monstera Leaves

This is a very popular flower with numerous florists. It has hole-riddled leaves which are also referred to as a Swiss-cheese plant. This plant has its origin in Central American rainforests. Recently, it has become ubiquitous across fashion. If you have attended a beach wedding, you can agree with me that it’s everywhere. We have seen home décor bloggers singing its praises for years.


Surely, the heart-shaped flower is really waxy. When compared to smooth spadix, this flower appears rough. In most cases, you will find red flowers. The stalk is slender and has many unisexual flowers. The leaves may either be orange or yellow. Since they are popular foliage plants, they are grown for their attractive flowering bracts. In addition, all the parts of this flower are poisonous.