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Autumn-Winter Birthday Flowers: Personalised Greetings For Autumn-Winter Birthdays

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Autumn-Winter Birthday Flowers: Personalised Greetings For Autumn-Winter Birthdays
19Jul 2016

Autumn-Winter Birthday Flowers: Personalised Greetings For Autumn-Winter Birthdays

Most people pick bouquets and flower baskets on the basis of appearance. When you are gifting a flower arrangement to someone on his or her birthday, you want it to be as beautiful and attractive as possible. Many of us know that flowers are rather symbolic and different varieties mean different things, and specific colours of each variety can be used to convey unique emotions. However, did you know that there is a specific flower for each month of the year and these “birthday flowers” represent different qualities?

In this article, we discuss the birthday flowers for each month from September to February. Each of these autumn and winter birthday flowers represents a different sentiment.

So the next time you want to gift someone flowers on their birthday or you would like to arrange for flower decorations for your own birthday, why not go a step further and pick birthday flowers according to the month!

While the seasons vary from region to region, September usually marks the onset of autumn or fall all around the world. The birthday flower for this month is the aster, and the name of the flower is Greek for “star-like flowers”. The flowers come into bloom in that distinct period between the end of summer and the onset of autumn, and are thus a perfect birthday flower for the month. With their trademark fragrance, asters make for a beautiful gift.

For the month of October, the birthday flower is the marigold. With their bright orange and gold hues, marigolds instantly invoke feelings of happiness, cheerfulness and celebration. They make for great gifts at any time, but for the month of October, they are a truly wonderful way of greeting someone on their birthday and infusing an extra dose of merriment in their special day! Marigolds are found almost all over the world, though they are traditionally indigenous to Central America. If you live in a region that is reasonably sunny and has fertile soil, you should have no trouble finding marigolds for a loved one’s birthday!

Chrysanthemums are the birthday flowers for the month of November. In most country, these flowers are available all the year round and because of their hardiness, they also last fairly long once they are cut, which means the person you gift them to will be able to enjoy them for a number of days. The name of the flowers means ‘golden flower’ and they convey sentiments of love and joy, thus making them an ideal birthday present. You can find chrysanthemums in a riot of colours!

The poinsettia is the traditional flower of the month of December. It is the Christmas flower, and also the ideal gift for birthdays occurring in the month. With its lovely red leaves and Christmas-symbolism, the poinsettia is a thoughtful and appropriate gift for birthdays falling in December.

For January, carnations are the traditional birthday flower. Carnations are symbolic of love and attraction, so they can be lovely gifts for your loved ones. A little extra research into what different colours represent can help you personalise the gift even further. Carnations are known for their long lifespan and are a tasteful and practical flower gift.

The birthday flower for February is the iris. True to the meaning of its name (“rainbow”) the iris is available in a riot of colours. Greek mythology knew Iris to be the goddess who was the messenger of love, and the flower is a wonderful way of conveying the same sentiment of love and affection to someone on his or her birthday!