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All about White Roses

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All about White Roses
03Jun 2016

All about White Roses

Roses are the top bought flowers in the world, recognized by anyone and everywhere. The rose is considered to be the most romantic flower and it’s given for a variety of occasions. The white rose is a magical flower – it is perfect for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, engagement parties, weddings and every other occasion when you need to pay respect and show that you care for somebody. The white rose represents youth, freshness and true love. It is also a symbol of innocence and spirituality. The divine look of the white rose makes it one of the most popular flowers in the world. It dates back to pre-historical times – about 32 million years ago white roses grew in the Northern Hemisphere. Drawings of the white rose have been discovered in Egyptian tombs, on the island of Crete and in monasteries dating back to the Roman Empire. All across Europe there are visible traces of the white rose, which make it a truly astounding and old flower. Its rich history, along with its beauty and fragrance, make it a popular choice for growing in gardens and indoors. The white rose needs full sun exposure for about 6-8 hours every day and it grows about four feet tall. When growing white roses make sure the soil is well –drained, rich and moist. Plant them away from sources of shade. Don’t water them too often, but water them deeply. The white rose blooms from spring until the first days with frost, but its best blooming period is throughout June. When you start planting, try not to overcrowd the roses as this will cause them to have only a few blooms. After planting, water them, but don’t wet their leaves.

There are tons of species of roses, with some of the most beautiful types of white roses being: Alba Maxima, Blush Noisette, Mermaid, Guinevere, Green Ice, Penelope, Pretty Lady, Whisper, Caroline de Monaco, Ivory Fashion, Holy Rose. The white rose symbolizes hope, purity and virtue. It is a divine symbol of innocence and pure nature. The white rose represents true love, so you can give it to a significant other, on Mother’s Day or adorn an engagement party with it. The white rose combines the best symbols – white for young love and new beginning and the ultimate symbol of the rose as the most romantic flower. Thus, the white rose is a perfect decoration for a wedding. The white rose also stands out for secrecy and spirituality. It is a flower which conveys many meanings and it’s truly versatile.

An arrangement with white roses is the perfect choice for literally any occasion: parties, birthdays, funerals, weddings, business cocktails. It is magnificently beautiful, especially when done creatively – with plenty of greenery and small flower fillers. If you want a heavenly beautiful wedding, pick white roses and adorn the tables and chairs with them. In the bridal bouquet, in garlands, vases, baskets, boutonnieres and corsages – the white roses are traditional wedding flowers. If you want to try a colour combination, you can pair them with roses or other flowers in pale pink, light blue or purple. Choose daisies, calla lilies, snapdragons, freesia or tulips.

When it comes to white roses as cut flowers, you can make them last longer if you place them in a clean vase and remove the foliage that is underwater. Keep them somewhere cool and change the water daily. The magnificence of the white rose is undeniable; it says “I love you” like no other flower, expressing one’s purest feelings and truest love.