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All about Pink Orchids

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All about Pink Orchids
24Jan 2018

All about Pink Orchids

There can hardly exist in nature a flower more beautiful or enchanting than the pink orchid. This is one of the most magnificent and exotic flowers in the world, grown on all continents and favored by millions of people. The pink orchid is everything but an ordinary flower. Its delicate petals and elegant shape make its appeal almost magical. The pink orchid is graceful and charming, a flower representing pure affection, love and deep emotions. Its purity and innocence make it one of the perfect romantic flowers. For Valentine’s Day, birthdays or for a wedding day – the pink orchid is top choice.

Its origin is in ancient Greece, where this particular flower was associated with wealth, greed and lust. Its bright colour and exotic nature have been attracting the interest of buyers, flower lovers and florists for centuries. The popularity of the pink orchid seems to be timeless. The best conditions for the pink orchid include a half-sun exposure and humid soil. Moreover, if you choose to grow the pink orchid in a pot, the soil should contain bark, lava rocks, crushed charcoal and sphagnum moss. If you take good care of these flowers they can grow up to 74 cm (indoors). The leaves are usually lime or pale green. The pink orchids bloom from winter, throughout spring and until midsummer, or from August to October, when they are in their natural habitat. When growing the orchids indoors in pots, make sure you let enough fresh air in the room in winter.

The two major types of orchids are the ones growing on the ground, known as terrestrial and the ones that grow on trees, or so called epiphytes. There are many species of pink orchids, some hybridized and others – completely natural. Some of the popular ones are Laelia pumila, Cattleya labiate, Miltonia moreliana and Cattleya skinneri.

The symbolism of the pink orchid is strong – it stands for pure affection, desire and passion. The delicate flower expresses the giver’s care and affection for the recipient.

The innocent colour signifies the pure feelings, while the exotic shape hints at passionate feelings. The pink orchid has a unique charm which appeals to everyone. How can you not like this flower – it is beautiful and graceful. Moreover, the pink orchid is the official flower which celebrates the 14th wedding anniversary. The arrangements which contain pink orchids look fragile and delicate and their splendor is calmer and sophisticated. Pink orchids are above all truly romantic flowers and they should be used as such. For weddings, engagement parties and on Valentine’s Day – the pink orchid is undeniably a great choice. For a wedding decoration, they can be mixed with yellow orchids for a better contrast or with more traditional flowers, such as lilies, daisies and roses. A perfect bride’s bouquet can be made in a round shape with little pink and green orchids and a few mini callas, peonies and roses as fillers.

In gardens pink orchids look marvelous. Soak the seeds in hot water for twelve hours before planting them. Use fertilizer to make the orchids feel like in their natural habitat. If you want to prolong the vase life of cut pink orchids, keep them somewhere cool and cut about a centimeter of their stems every day.  The pink orchid is often called “the flower of the rich” and it’s now available throughout the world. It is a strong symbol of beauty, love and luxury – a great flower for a variety of occasions.