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A – Z of Wild Flowers

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A – Z of Wild Flowers
16Jan 2016

A – Z of Wild Flowers

There are a vast number of different species of flowers that grow all over the world and in the wild.  These flowers have been identified and replicated so that you may now grow some of these wild flowers in your garden.  Unlike most flowers wild flowers have a tendency to be more hardy, grow in a variety of different environments and are able to be grown without much looking after.

African Daisy

This plant flowers ever year, it is approximately 4-8cm in diameter and looks very similar to the traditional daisy. Originating from South Africa, this Daisy grows in various colours of yellow, and orange or white.

Baby Blue Eyes

This is a delicate looking flower is sky blue in colour. The flower blooms once a year and the blossoms are shaped like cup’s, this plant originated from California.

Corn Flower

This plant blossoms annually, typically in a blue colour, however, this plant is also known to flower in shades of red, pink and white.  This flower originates from Europe.

Dog violet

As the name suggests this flower is violet in colour, and is small and delicate looking.  These often bloom about a week after wood violets bloom.


The Elm flower blossoms in what is consider the early season, it is pollinated by the wind. Slightly purple in colour, these tuft’s are rather unique.


This flower naturally grows in woodland areas, as it requires a damp and partially shaded environment to grow and it blossoms during Summer every or every other year.

Gold Yarrow

The stunning flower is coloured in shades of pinks and white generally, however colours can vary, and it grows in shallow, murky water.  The fragrance of the Lotus flower is beautiful.  The flower opens in the morning and then petals fall off in the afternoon.


The male species of this flower are called Hazel catkins, the female plants are smaller than the male and are similar to small brushes in a vibrant red.  Pollination occurs via the wind and lots of the yellow pollen is shed.

Icelandic Poppy

These Poppies are vibrant in colour, coming in orange, white and yellow shades.  Each flower has its own hairy stem for support.


This gorgeous and highly fragrant Lotus flower, generally grown in white and pink flowers, blossoms at dawn and shed’s its petals late afternoon. This plant is often found in shallow waters which are often a little unclean and murky.

Maximilian Sunflower

These large and yellow flowers are originally found in Texas, the plant is relatively short, and the stems are branch free.


The wild flower we call primrose grows on a variety of other plants, the sex of the plant is easy to identify with the marking of different genders being clearly on show.

Red Dead Nettle

This nettle is a common and often pesky weed.  Often found at the sides of roads and in hedges of it is closely related to another nettle called White Dead.


Snowdrop plant is a gorgeous pure white color, looking like drooping bells and as white as milk, this is where the name originates, in Latin the plants name is defined as milky white blossoms.

Texas Paintbrush

This plant is a very small, tiny and delicate looking flower. The flower is actually white or pale yellow, surrounded by red/orange tones.

Wild Daffodil

The wild daffodil is smaller and more delicate than the species you are used to seeing in garden centres and shops.  The outer petals along with the trumpet are a pale yellow colour.