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A List of Flower Messages

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A List of Flower Messages
15Sep 2016

A List of Flower Messages

Flowers over the centuries have gathered many different meaning and symbols and this article will provide you with them along with the knowledge of what particular flower is proper for certain occasion so that you might be able to make a truly fitting gift for the right person.

Bachelor’s Button: This is the right flower to give to a famous celebrated person. If you want to make a good gift to a movie, a television star or a popular singer put together a fine bouquet of these and give it and you will be certain that you have made a proper gift for a true star.

Baby’s Breath: If you know someone, preferably a girl, who you admire for the innocence and the purity of her or his (unlikely) spirit, give this flower as a present. Innocence is not certainly a weakness, it is also beauty and this is the flower which delivers this particular message.

Bamboo: This is great as a present for someone who you admire for his or her dedication, friendship and qualities as a worker. It is a wonderful gift for a colleague alongside whom you managed to achieve numerous triumphs on the working place and why not outside of it as well.

Balsam: As you might guess by its name, the balsam flower is undeniably connected with love but not just any love-the passionate, young burning love that keeps the fire in a relationship and usually is the source of the lovers’ best memories. This is a love flower to symbolize that strength.

Bay Wreath: Whenever you are giving a great, lavish present to someone or whenever someone is receiving such a present by someone else, try to express you happiness for this person by sending some bay wreaths-the flower that symbolizes the positivism generated by gifts and rewards in general. It is a gift that decorates other gifts.

Basil: This is a flower which you can always send on any good occasion to any person which is close to you because the message embedded in it is very simple-just “All the best”. Give it to parents, relatives, friends, loved ones, old friends, colleagues and everybody who can make you smile.

Begonia: This is a flower which you shouldn’t give for any sort of celebration or as a gift. This was a flower with which a more specific message is being delivered. If you give this flower to a person it says that for the time being that person must reconsider his or her behavior and be more careful. So give this flower with the proper tone and atmosphere if you care enough.

Beech Tree: This is a flower which is suitable to mark any accomplishment and any sort of happiness. It stand for “success” in all fields-personal, on the working space, in the pursuit of one’s dreams, as social status and romantic relationships. With this you simply wish someone luck.

Carnations: Carnations come in a lot of colors and the curious thing about it that a differently colored carnation means a different thing. For instance every carnation stands for the admiration of a woman. It doesn’t matter what is this admiration for-beauty, brains or some sort of a success. If you want to say to a woman that you like something about her, anything at all, give her a carnation. A pink carnation stands for love. Not just a lover’s affection but also affection directed to the mother. The purple carnation is more of a negative message in spite of its wonderful looks and it stands for capriciousness and the red one symbolizes a heart which is struggling with one’s moral principles.