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A Guide to Daisies

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A Guide to Daisies
04Apr 2016

A Guide to Daisies

The daisy brings with it plenty of symbolism: new beginnings, innocence, love, and purity, to name a few. The daisy is a very simple, but sophisticated flower. Daisies are frequently chosen for bridal bouquets and they also make beautiful flowerbeds in one’s garden. Daisies are old flowers – they’ve been on Earth for more than 49 million years and nowadays they can be found all over the world. The name of the daisy means day’s eye, referring to its blooming at dawn.

The Daisy

The legend of this flowers says that it originates from a Dryad. A nymph caught the attention of the god of orchards, so she turned herself into a daisy to be able to escape him.

The daisy is a simple flower, which is known everywhere as a means to guessing someone’s love. This ritual began in ancient times and still remains today. It is practiced by plucking petal after a petal while saying: “He loves me, he loves me not” after each. This is claimed to help one predict the other’s love for them. No matter how fantastic it seems, this little game is popular everywhere, mostly among girls.
In medicine, it was considered that daisies could cure insanity when the patient drinks daisies soaked in wine. Nowadays, the meaning of this flower symbolizes innocence and purity.

Daisy Bouquets or Arrangements

Daisies are simple flowers, but they are amazing in bouquets and all kinds of floral arrangements. They bring this gentle, fresh look to any bouquet and stay fresh for hours. However, remember that daisies represent simple and sweet love. If you wish to convey a stronger feeling, choose a different flower. Here are some suggestions for a variety of arrangements and bouquets with daisies.

• For a combination of style and playfulness choose daisies as they are the perfect flowers for both casual and formal events.
• If you want to give a friend or your mother a simple, but stylish bouquet mix Montauk and Shasta daisies.
• If you need a formal bouquet pick daisies and white calla lilies. For a bolder statement add some red mums. The effect will be simply dazzling.
• A creative and unique flower arrangement can be made by mixing classic daisies in lemon yellow with flowers in mint green or pastel blue. You can use gloriosa daisies, as their centre is a darker brown.
• You can mix daisies with mums, roses and hydrangeas for a bridal bouquet or a centerpiece. This is a magnificent combination, combining the beauty and the symbolism of these flowers.
• If you want to give a daisy bouquet to someone, but you don’t want it to be plain and boring, mix different types of daisies, which will complement each other’s simplicity and tones.

Types of Daisies

Daisies can be found in a number of colours. Here’s a list of them:

White Daisy

This type has been used since the early 18th century for predicting whether the one you love loves you back. The white daisy is a symbol of simple beauty, freshness and modesty. They also convey the promise of keeping somebody’s secret.

Pink Daisy

These pretty daisies remind one of summer, joy and innocence. The pink daisy is often used for bouquets and flower arrangements at summer weddings, particularly rural ones, especially the following varieties: Dark Pink Daisy, Pink Daisy Pom and Pink African Daisy.

Purple Daisy

Also known as the Western daisy, originally from the lower Mississippi basin, this pretty flower comes in a number of shades: han purple, royal purple and orchid purple. They are perfect for weddings and big events, bringing a sophisticated appeal to the decoration.