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What plants and flowers are poisonous to cats, dogs and humans: A - Z

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What plants and flowers are poisonous to cats, dogs and humans: A - Z
24Feb 2016

Which flowers are poisonous to animals and humans: a list of plants A-Z

If you are going to be sending flowers to a friend, colleague or a relative, or you are going to be spending a lot of time around unfamiliar plants, it makes perfect sense to familiarise yourself and know which plants and flowers are poisonous to a cat, dog or any human, likewise. During summer vacation or winter holidays, some families leave their pets or their children to stay over and looked at by relatives in friends’ homes. 

Many of us never consider carefully what our lovable cat, dog or little child could do with unfamiliar plants or flowers and many of us assume since grown in a home or garden, most bouquets and flowers would be harmless. The truth is way more different than the common suggestions. Usually, people do not know what certain flowers might cause to humans or animals, if touched or eaten.

In regards to gaining more knowledge for safety measures, you can take a look at our list below, where we have provided enough information for you to read about plants and flowers,  their toxicity levels to humans, dogs and cats. Read more about what they might do and which ones you should avoid picking, touching, and especially eating.